What is Da Lua?

Da Lua Herbals is a pioneering project in regenerative, sustainable, and conscious living, based on Portugal’s coastal cliffs in the Oeste region.

Da Lua’s endeavours branch out into two distinct realms:

An array of offerings and transformative experiences, such as 1:1 mentoring sessions, hands-on workshops, immersive retreats, women’s circles and other enriching events.

A bio-apothecary that meticulously crafts and commercialises natural remedies and plant-based cosmetics.

Da Lua was born from a profound longing to reconnect with nature and ourselves.

Its mission is rooted in promoting health and empowerment through self-knowledge and plant-based care.

Aligned with the rhythms of nature’s cycles, the moon’s phases, and the ever-changing seasons, 

Da Lua gently guides us back to our innate pulse, seamlessly attuned to the ebb and flow of the world.

Da Lua’s products reflect the harmonious dance of our natural biorhythm: they are unique and in constant flux

Following this philosophy, Da Lua’s regenerative events and inspirational offerings also embody the beauty of cyclical living.

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Da Lua Herbals upholds a comprehensive perspective on well-being, embracing the interconnectedness of emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health. Guided by this holistic approach, our plant-based medicine nourishes and sustains our innate balance.

We believe true health and well-being lie in addressing ailments at their source rather than merely suppressing symptoms. Modern healthcare often focuses on disease management, but we are passionate about disease prevention and holistic wellness. By understanding what is needed to find balance in our mind, body, and spirit, we create remedies that strengthen organ systems, maintain our constitution, and foster emotional resilience.

At Da Lua Herbals, we listen to the whispers of our bodies to identify the root causes of imbalances. This process unfolds with love, patience, and presence, harnessing the power of organic remedies to support your journey from sick-care to true health-care.

Embrace the transformative potential of nature’s medicine with Da Lua Herbals. Experience the profound impact that holistic self-care, steeped in centuries of herbal wisdom, can have on your quality of life. Join us on this sustainable journey towards vitality, remembrance and self-discovery, and let the vibrant spirit of Da Lua guide you back to your essence.

All Da Lua’s alchemies are consciously handmade in small batches
using organic, locally-sourced, and natural ingredients.
You’ll find no artificial dyes, chemicals or preservatives in
our creations, respecting the planet and ourselves.
And rest assured, all our products are cruelty-free.
We work with either wild-foraged botanicals or
those of biological origin, because we
believe in the pure power of nature.

To maximise the shelf life and preserve the properties of Da Lua products,
store them in a dry place away from direct sunlight. When empty, please reuse
the container or return it to us for recycling. Variations in colour and texture are
completely normal due to the natural origin of all ingredients.
Don’t panic, it’s organic!

For personalised advice and specific dosages, get in touch with Irene.

Irene is the alchemist behind Da Lua Herbals’ plant-based remedies.
Based in Portugal, she leads @casa.vermelha.v, a seaside regenerative project
with a naturally-rebuilt house and a medicinal and food garden.
Irene hosts and curates creative events, offering hands-on workshops,
retreats, and women’s circles at Casa Vermelha and worldwide.
Infused with folk herbalism, ancient wisdom, and regenerative principles,
Irene’s poetic worldview captivates and reconnects us to our roots.

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