Irene Miranda: About me

Irene Miranda is a therapist, event producer and herbalist. Multiple and One.

Wisdom keeper of the plant realm and the mysteries of the feminine, Irene is co-founder of Loba Nomad (women’s empowerment network) and organiser of regenerative events.

She is a certified women’s health educator and therapist, who holds women’s circles, hands-on workshops and wellness retreats all over Europe.

Irene is involved in the regeneration of a seaside land in Portugal, a playground for experimenting with local natural building techniques, practising community and replanting native species.

Topics that fascinate her are holistic health and herbal medicine, ancient wisdom and craftsmanship, self-sustainability and the return to our roots.

Trainings & Projects

Life Cycles, Moon Cycles – Plant Medicine for Menstruation to Menopause Course – by Olivia Fite, Fernanda Botelho, Satya Kaur, Daisy Mae, Maureen Robertson, Carla Silveira, Rita Rosa & Tamara Hiller

Conscious Fertility Educator Training – by Iris Lican & Lila Nuit from Feminine Consciousness

❍ Certified Natural Gynaecology Therapist – by Saberes da Mãe Terra

❍ Moon Flower Therapist (Florais da Lua) – by Anna Sazanoff

❍ Jardim do Feminino: Cultivation of medicinal herbs for gynaecological care with Nat Muguet & Bel Saide

❍ Women’s Circle Facilitator & Founder of Loba Nomad – women’s empowerment network

❍ Alchemist of 7 Sisters – Portuguese Hemp (7 Irmãs)

❍ Admirer of Amazonian indigenous cultures and their ancestral medicinal knowledge, founder of Ni Maiwã – Floresta Mundo

❍ Head of Production of Primal Gathering

Who is Da Lua: Irene Miranda