What is
a tincture?

A herbal tincture is a concentrate of one or more herbs, which are soaked for several weeks or months in alcohol.

The soaking process extracts the active components of the herb(s), such as resins and alkaloids, which are not water-soluble.

Most tinctures are taken orally, by placing drops under the tongue. Others are to be used topically only.

Depending on the types of herbs involved, tinctures can include various parts of the plant: dried (or fresh) leaves, bark, berries, roots.

Da Lua’s herbal tinctures are made from carefully chosen local, organic herbs. The uniqueness of these tinctures lies in  the fact that they are crafted in harmony with the ever-changing moon phases, enhancing their potency and aligning them with the rhythms of Nature.

The new moon is a period of introspection, darkness, death & rebirth, the beginning of a new cycle. When the sky is dark, animals hide in their burrows and plants’ sap moves down towards the roots.

Oppositely, the full moon is a moment of expansion, materialisation. In plants, the sap moves towards the stems, leaves and flowers.

Therefore, roots are picked around the new moon, leaves and flowers during the full moon.

Tinctures that are meant for relieving undesired imbalances are soaked at the new moon (eg: anxiety, PCOS), whilst the tinctures which bring certain health aspects (eg: fertility, tonification) are created during the full moon.

Da Lua’s herbal tinctures are slowly and ritually made from carefully chosen local, organic herbs. They are macerated for 6 months on average, according to folk herbalism principles.

About Da Lua

Products & services.

Da Lua’s activities branch out into two: 

Products: A bio-apothecary that crafts and commercialises natural plant-based cosmetics.

Services: An array of offerings and transformative experiences, such as 1:1 mentoring sessions, workshops, retreats, women’s circles and other events.

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