Retreats & Women’s Circles

When women gather, something magical happens. 
Delicate scents, crystalline sounds, soft touches, warm smiles. 
But also something beyond words, something profound and visceral. 
A vibration coming right from the centre of the earth, rooted far beneath.
The wild essence of those who recognize themselves as the bearers of life and death.
Holders of the moon deep within, carriers of nature’s cyclic wisdom.

When women gather, we tap into ancient memories of gestures that our bodies recognize as theirs.
We twirl and whirl in motions carried out thousands of times before us, by our ancestors, untamed women of power.

When women gather, we produce oxytocin.
The hormone of love, happiness, empathy and trust.
Hence, gathering as women is pure medicine and joy, literally.

I have been holding space for various kinds of Women’s Circles and Women’s Retreats for years, across the world, to celebrate and honour the essence of the wild feminine. If you feel called to join us, find out about upcoming dates here.