Because we are stronger together!

Stores & Markets

Are you a reseller looking to stock a line of plant-based products for your beautiful store? Are you curating a market? Get in touch and we can discuss what type of product would appeal to your customers. 

Hire me

Whether you want to bring one of my workshops to your venue or festival, organise a retreat, or co-create a unique event, don’t hesitate to reach out for a friendly chat to create something your guests and customers will never forget.

Private events

Are you a company interested in a bespoke corporate experience for your employees, both regenerative and in alignment with your business objectives? Would you like to book me for a private workshop, ceremony or circle on a special occasion? Get in touch, we can bring your vision to life together.

Small businesses

Small means filled with love and attention. Da Lua’s products use local, organic ingredients only. Whatever is not foraged or cultivated by myself I get from local producers (honey, beeswax, olive oil, etc). Are you one? I would love to support you!

Or, do you also have a conscious brand? Let’s collaborate. Interested or have any other ideas, I’m all ears! Let’s chat.

Not finding what you’re looking for? Check out the offerings page or reach out directly.

To join any of my upcoming events, view the agenda here.