Smudge Stick Crafting Workshop


3:00 pm

- 6:00 pm




There is always plant medicine around us, waiting to be discovered, it is up to us to notice it. In this workshop, I will take you on a Herbal Journey, a nature walk through the surrounding landscapes to get you acquainted with local species. Open up your senses and dive into the infinite world of medicinal and aromatic plants.

Together, we will learn the basics of sustainable foraging and collect samples of some plants, after having learned to identify key medicinal herbs. Then, you will discover the ancestral practice of herbal smudging: a simple, local and sustainable form of incense. Finally, we will craft our own smudge sticks from the herbs we will have picked during the Walk.

By the end of the workshop, attendees will feel empowered to make their own herbal smudge sticks with the available local plants, with awareness of how to sustainably interact with their surroundings. Besides, each participant will be taking home a smudge bundle as well as the remaining samples of the various plants collected during the walk.


Theoretical introduction on a number of purification practices, for both the physical and energetic body.
Guidelines for a sustainable harvest and identification of species.
Initiation to various local medicinal plants and their properties in smudging.
Crafting of one or several smudge sticks.
Explanation on methods of drying, storing and usage.
Inspiration and nourishment by the sea.

Group size

Minimum 6 participants
Maximum 12 participants

Smudge Stick Crafting Workshop


Facilitator: Irene Miranda

Eternal student and wisdom keeper of the plant realm and of the mysteries of the feminine, co-founder of Loba Nomad and creatress of Da Lua Herbals. Irene is based in Portugal, where she explores the healing properties of plants and leads a regenerative project on a seaside land – involving natural building, a medicinal and food garden, as well as artistic projects and events.
Passionate about the Wild Woman and about the power of the Circle, she has been guiding Women’s Circles and retreats all over Europe, uplifting women to their full potential by sharing folk womb wisdom. She is fascinated by plant medicine, ancient wisdom and craftsmanship.
She is a herbalist, women’s health therapist, and regenerative event organiser. Multiple and One.


Ecolife Experience
Galamares, Sintra

Smudge Stick Crafting Workshop


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