Immunity Boost Tincture

Herbal support for strengthening the self-regulation of the immune system over time.


Immunity Boost Tincture by Da Lua Herbals is a must-have of our winter first-aid kit!

This tincture strengthens and builds up our immune system over time. It can be used preventively, taken before seasonal changes (mainly in the transition from summer to autumn, and winter to spring). It is also highly effective as a treatment for colds and in times of immune deficiencies.

Tip: For optimal results, pair with the Honey Fire Cider in case of cough, chills and low immunity.


30 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml


Organic broadleaf plantain, echinacea, elderflower,  linden, liquorice root, and thyme macerated in organic alcohol and solarised spring water.

Handmade in small batches with organic, local, fair-trade ingredients. Contains no artificial dyes or preservatives.

Wild-foraged and/or from biological origin. With love, in Portugal.

Dosage & Use

7 drops after meals, 2-3x a day. During 21 days.

Take a 5-day break and restart for 21 days if needed.

Shake well before use. Place drops in a glass of water/juice/tea or directly under the tongue. For internal use. For personalized directions and specific dosage get in touch with Irene.


Avoid in case of treatment with immunosuppressants, organ transplants or chronic diseases. Avoid during pregnancy and when breastfeeding.


Shake well before use. Store in a dry place, away from direct sunlight. When empty, reuse the container or return it to Da Lua so it can be recycled.

Any variations in colour & texture are totally normal and due to the natural origin of all ingredients. Don’t panic, it’s organic!


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