Her Nectar Retreat by Loba Nomad


- 07/05/2023





4 days of bliss in a nature-immersed setting, with experienced and certified facilitators and a group of women who will become your sisters, through a journey of desire, pleasure & empowerment. Playfulness, inspiration and bliss are at the core of our retreat values. Through a variety of embodied practices, conscious workshops, rituals and holistic health tools, you will rediscover yourself in ways you couldn’t even dream of.

Loba Nomad retreats have a high standard of care and space-holding. Our goal is to be the catalysers for your inner light and gifts to shine to the external world. Embracing all parts of you through the exploration of pleasure, vulnerability, boundaries, sensuality and feminine archetypes.


This year we choose to welcome our desires. We choose to explore our bliss and invite our power. As we fuse our own nectars with the nectar of the divine, we invite more pleasure into our life.
• When this journey starts we realise… had I even asked myself what I desire?
• What is the level of intimacy I am looking for?
• How does my body like to be touched?
• When is my body contracting and when is my body opening?
• Am I gifting myself my great love story?
• What does pleasure really mean? What is the sound of our pleasure?
• What are our boundaries, individual and collective?
• How can I love myself more? How can I feel more pleasure for longer?
• My soul chose this particular body for a divine reason, am I allowing my soul to fall deeply in love with my body?
These are all questions we will be exploring during ‘HER NECTAR’ a retreat by Loba Nomad taking place from the 4th to the 7th of May.


Our accommodation in a totally private rural house offers guests a tranquil, rejuvenating, “home away from home” experience. Guests stay in a renovated traditional Portuguese villa with cosy common spaces, a fire pit and a variety of inspiring books. A homely and warm nest of sisterhood. The rooms are shared between 2 to 4 women, and the dorm can host up to 8 people. Guests get free access to the swimming pool, gardens and wifi internet.
The price listed is per person.


– 3 daily delicious and nutritious vegetarian meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner): gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan options available.
– Tea, biscuits and fruit are always available!
– All meals are cooked by Mafalda, our host and talented in-house chef

Loba Nomad

Loba Nomad creates temples in which the notion of sacredness is invited. It is a channel for the emergence of these safe spaces of communion, ritual and elevation. Loba Nomad is but the vessel that catalyses these sanctuaries, innately infused with the essence of sisterhood and kinship. We are the tree from which juicy fruits and flowers of sisterhood flourish, bathing us in their aroma and gifting us with their nectar! Sisterhood has asked to be channelled through us and we have responded by birthing Loba Nomad: a raw and genuine expression of Sisterhood, its wildest daughter.

Loba Nomad was co-founded in 2018 by Fiammetta Verdiani and Irene Miranda. The story of Loba Nomad starts as two high school friends reconnect, after years of studies and spiritual quests across the world, with the same vision: to create spaces where women can reunite without judgement and with the desire to explore their own versions of the feminine.

Today, Loba Nomad takes the form of a women’s collective, based between Portugal and Belgium, that offers finely-curated women’s circles and retreats.
The web of relationships that Loba Nomad weaves consists of inspiring women from the holistic community, yogis, therapists, creative entrepreneurs, herbalists and activists who aim to redefine notions of femininity, remember the old ways and share skills and tools for reconnection with our environment, communities and lineages.

If you are in the wellness business or are looking to make the step to embracing a new way of life that places your talents and gifts at its centre, Loba Nomad is the perfect network to get inspired and empowered, and to find future partnerships!
A SANCTUARY OF SISTERHOOD to explore your wild essence, heal with nature and be part of a community of powerful women!


Our retreat will take place 1hr away from Lisbon, near the picturesque fishermen’s town of Meco. Casa do Pateo is a pine haven and the ideal location to unplug & enjoy the beauty of the surrounding landscape. The entire venue will be for the exclusive use of our retreat guests, including its colourful gardens, swimming pool, fire pit and sacred dome.

Casa do Pateo is a space that seeks to encourage environmental awareness and deep nourishment. A sanctuary located within the Natural Park of Arrábida cared for by the enchanting Mafalda. There you can enjoy the blend of incandescent light that shines from the forest in the late afternoon, the morning birds and the scents of nature.

Her Nectar Retreat by Loba Nomad


- 705€

Facilitator: Fiammetta Verdiani

Sipping on life’s sweet nectar! Lover of life, bringer of joy & devotee to the sacredness of creation, co-founder of Loba Nomad and Sensual guide for women’s empowerment.
Fiammetta’s mission lies with women. She fuses her artistic background & holistic healing tools to create sanctuaries of Sacred Feminine beauty and power. She opens portals of womb awakening & holds space for pleasure exploration and nourishment. Becoming a safer space for all women and finding a safer space in all women.
Fiammetta (@shantiflame) is an international yoga, qi gong & tantra teacher. She is 600H ‘Yoga Alliance’ & ‘Universal Healing Tao’ certified graduate, specialising in ‘Sacred feminine & Tao Tantric Arts’, Hatha yoga, Yin yoga and Mindfulness meditation.

Facilitator: Irene Miranda

Irene Miranda is a herbalist, regenerative event organiser and women’s health therapist. Multiple and One.Wisdom keeper of the plant realm and the mysteries of the feminine, Irene is co-founder of Loba Nomad (women’s empowerment network) and organiser of regenerative events.
She is a certified women’s health educator and therapist, who offers a variety of regenerative services such as 1:1 sessions, hands-on workshops, women’s circles and wellness retreats all over Europe (see all upcoming events here).
Irene is involved in the regeneration of a seaside land in Portugal, a playground for experimenting with local natural building techniques, practising community, replanting native species and remembering the old ways.
Topics that fascinate her are holistic health and herbal medicine, ancient wisdom and craftsmanship, self-sustainability and the return to our roots.

Her Nectar Retreat by Loba Nomad


- 705€

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