Wild Women Retreat 2023


- 19/03/2023




Immerse yourself in...

“Three days of celebration, creation and nourishment in the feminine. An intimate creative immersion in the enchanting Pax e Bem – o Lugar do Bodhisattva, in the heart of the magical mountains of Cinfães do Douro. In the echoes of an immense natural beauty, among forests, rivers and waterfalls of blessings, we’ll connect with folk crafts and plant seeds of creativity. A call to reconnect with the cycles of nature and to experience the Medicine Woman and Crafts-Woman that we already are. Guided by feminine wisdom, we weave and co-create a new conscious world in which we choose to live: in harmony, sisterhood and regeneration. We walk together, from heart to heart, SoFia and Irene”.


º Medicinal, Ritual and Dyeing Herbalism
º Feminine ancestral knowledge
º Conscious Fertility
º Self-care, healing and regeneration
º Textile art and sustainable sewing
º Botanical Print
º Conscious nutrition
º Meditation
º Nature Walks

An intimate group of women, on a mountaintop, overlooking lush valleys, dense forests, and waterfalls. Connect to the mysteries of medicinal plants, learn manual crafts, dye your own fabrics and awaken your creativity. You’ll return nourished, wild, and blossoming in your power.

Who is the retreat for?

– Women of all ages who want to know their body & take care of their health in a natural, holistic way.
– Women longing to spend more time in nature, to reconnect with their true essence & rediscover their own gifts and talents.
– Women interested in learning ancestral wisdom, manual crafts & sustainable techniques.
– Women who wish to cultivate more creative & regenerative practises in their daily lives


Guests are welcome to arrive on March 17 between 4:30pm and 5:30pm. The first activity of the retreat begins at 6pm in the main temple, before which everyone will be checked into their respective rooms.
On the last day, the activities finish at 6pm, after which guests are invited to depart.


Our accommodation in a totally private rural house offers guests a tranquil, rejuvenating, “home away from home” experience.
Guests stay in a large wooded villa with a cosy fireplace. A homely and warm nest of sisterhood. The rooms, overlooking the lake, river, orchard or gardens, are shared between 4 to 5 women. You also get free access to wifi internet.
The price listed is per person.


– 3 daily delicious and nutritious vegetarian meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner): gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan options available.
– Tea, biscuits and fruit are always available!
– All ingredients are organic and locally-sourced, and meals are cooked by the in-house chef of the temple

Wild Women Retreat 2023


- 380€


▿ SoFia Queirós | Kriyā Atelier ▿
Artivist, artisan, dancer, yogini, therapist and higher education in food engineering.
Founder of Kriyā (@kriyawear) and Kriyā Atelier (@kriya.atelier) projects, she shares arts and crafts, such as sewing, botanical eco print and other sustainable textile techniques, that revitalize ancestral and regenerative practices, manifesting harmony and reconnection with the beauty of Mother Nature.
Through kriyā, she expresses her artistic soul through the design and creation of clothing, textile arts and ecological items.
Studies in Dance, Yoga and Ayurveda integrate her work as a facilitator, nourishing and aligning her with her heart. Researcher and experimentalist of medicinal herbs and ritualistic practices for female health. Woman, sister, friend, lover, companion, earth’s daughter and sower of the art of good living. Navigate through the magical dance of life, bringing her presence and energy to the service of the Great Mother’s regeneration.

▿ Irene Miranda | Da Lua ▿
Eternal student and wisdom keeper of the plant realm and of the mysteries of the feminine, co-founder of Loba Nomad and creatress of Da Lua Herbals. Irene is based in Portugal, where she explores the healing properties of plants and leads a regenerative project on a seaside land – involving natural building, a medicinal and food garden, as well as artistic projects and events.
Passionate about the Wild Woman and about the power of the Circle, she has been guiding Women’s Circles and retreats all over Europe, uplifting women to their full potential by sharing folk womb wisdom. She is fascinated by plant medicine, ancient wisdom and craftsmanship.
She is a herbalist, women’s health therapist, and regenerative event organiser. Multiple and One.

About the venue

A mountaintop sanctuary with vast panoramic views of the valley, where streams and waterfalls flow endlessly.
The enchanting Pax e Bem – o Lugar do Bodhisattva is a temple located in the heart of the magical mountains of Cinfães do Douro. In the echoes of immense natural beauty, among forests, rivers, and waterfalls of blessings, it is a haven of contemplation, nourishment, and peace.


❃ How to get there? ❃
Quinta de Covas – Lugar de Travanca, 4690-826 Cinfães (Portugal)
Google Maps

By bus
Pax e Bem is a simple bus journey away from Porto.
– The closest bus station to Pax e Bem is Travanca, but there are more buses to Castelo de Paiva.
– From Campanhã (Porto) take bus line number 3508, which is a direct line to Castelo de Paiva.
– From there, take a taxi to the retreat centre (for 15min).

By car (Ride-sharing)
Alternatively, Pax e Bem is a 1h drive from Porto Airport and less than 3h30 from Lisbon Airport.
– We know that many of you are hoping to split the travel costs and lower emissions, and enjoy some company along on your journey!
– Therefore, we’ve created a table for you to find ride shares. Whether you are looking for a ride or planning on driving to Pax e Bem, make sure you add your journey here

By airplane
The nearest Airport is Porto Airport, and the nearest city is Castelo de Paiva.
If travelling from Lisbon Airport, take a bus or train to Porto and then see above for more details.

Wild Women Retreat 2023


- 380€

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