Moon Flower Remedies

Moon Flower Remedies

The Moon Flower Remedies drops are a variation of Bach Flower remedies oriented towards women’s cycles.

They are a powerful tool to help balance emotions, cleaning and releasing stagnant energy. They help to shed light onto past trauma and to understand patterns of behaviour that are somatised in physical and emotional illnesses.

Therapy session where two meetings are necessary:

● 1st for choosing the flower – sharing session, mapping of the cycle and of symptoms (in person or online, 1h30)

● 2nd for integration – feedback after one moon cycle (online, 1h)

The treatment can be extended to more sessions if there is such a will (I advise doing 3 full lunar cycles of Flower therapy for a deeper experience)

⊱ 2 meetings

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The Moon Flowers were channelled by therapist Anna Sazanoff and are related to the moon phases and the female archetypes.

There are 13 vibrational essences in all, each created from a single plant, which treats a specific physical, mental and emotional state. The Flowers are picked through oracle cards.