Towards Natural Gynecology

During these sessions we go deeper into women’s health and, together, find tools adapted to each one’s personal development.

This space invites us to address female archetypes, new ways of conceiving femininity, herbal remedies, the four phases of the lunar and women’s cycle, introduction to the lunar mandala and mapping of the cycle itself. You’ll come out with personalised practical tools that are adapted to your own cycle, which will help to enhance each of the phases of your cycle in order to respect your biorhythm.

Personal analyses or records from the last 6 months are welcome.

It is advisable to do a follow-up session after one moon cycle to evaluate the plan and help put it into practice, with day-to-day rituals and exercises.

Follow-up sessions can be scheduled for questions, adjustments, discussion of results or new directions. Patients can book these at their own time, following their learning pace and their cycles.

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