Yoni Steam Blend


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Yoni steaming is an ancient and sacred practice present across most traditional cultures over the world.

Like a nurturing sauna for our vagina and womb, it cleanses, it tonifies, treats infection & it is soothing, loving and healing for both physical and emotional wounds. It works to mend our relationship to the feminine and has amazing properties.

– Scroll down for ingredients, recommended doses & more

(Specific healing mixes can be custom-made upon request. Keep in mind most plants are seasonal and therefore not all blends are available all year long.)

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Helichrysum, sage, corn husks, calendula, broadleaf plantain, globe amaranth & hemp.

Blend of herbs that help relieve menstrual cramps & bloating. Support the regulation of the menstrual cycle. Increase fertility and have anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory properties. Great toners of womb muscles.

Handmade in small batches with organic, local, fair trade plants. Contains no artificial dyes or preservatives. *Wild-foraged and/or from biological origin. With love, in Portugal.

Dosage & Use

Dosage & Use

Set up a calm and nurturing space for yourself, light a candle or an incense stick. 

Boil 1L of water, make an infusion with 1-2 teaspoons of the Herbal Blend, and place it in a bowl or pot (preferably clay). 

Once the steam is lukewarm, squat over the bowl without underwear. Cover yourself from the waist down (with a long skirt, dress or a blanket), keeping the steam of the herbs very close to the entrance of the vagina (you can squat, rest your knees on pillows, lean against a chair or create a yoni stool with a hole in the seat). 

Close your eyes, tune in and enjoy that soft moment of self-care and total presence, for 10-20min or until the steam starts cooling down.



Avoid during pregnancy or during menstruation. Women with IUD shouldn’t steam for more than 10-15min. In case of heavy menstrual flow, avoid in the pre-menstrual phase.



Store in a dry place, away from direct sunlight. When empty, reuse container or return to Da Lua so it can be recycled.

Any variations in colour & texture are totally normal and due to the natural origin of all ingredients. Don’t panic, it’s organic!

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