Water Kit

A tincture (30ml), a yoni steam blend (5gr) and a yoni balm (30ml), carefully packed in a cotton bag with a silver moon design.


Surprise yourself or a loved one with this magical kit. Filled with items that will support you on your spiritual and self-love journey. For individual descriptions & ingredients of each item, click on the text in bold.


1) Yoni Steam Blend (5gr)

2) Yoni Balm (30ml)

3) Menstrual Wellbeing Tincture (30ml): you can choose between two tinctures: one is directed at heavy flows and the other at very light flows or delays in menstruation


4) Ritual Moon Bag* – cotton bag with silver moon, designed by the Siberian illustrator @shamanamama

Product type

Yoni Steam + Yoni Balm + Slow Tincture, Yoni Steam + Yoni Balm + Flow Tincture


See individual products for contraindications


Store in a dry place, away from direct sunlight. When empty, reuse container or return to Da Lua so it can be recycled.

Any variations in colour & texture are totally normal and due to the natural origin of all ingredients. Don’t panic, it’s organic!


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